Bean Bags for Schools

Bean Bags R Us look forward to supplying schools across the United States with quality beanbags to support learning and play.

Benefits of Bean Bags

Schools across the United States are increasingly focused on creating the most beneficial environment for learning. Applying the curriculum is all good and well, but students also need a safe and inspiring space that supports their learning needs. Education departments in all states are learning about the benefits of beanbags and how they can support the learning process. 

Instead of relying entirely on structured and uncomfortable furniture, teachers are utilizing beanbags and other creative solutions as a way to engage their students and provide consistent physical support.The benefits of using beanbags for schools have long been recognized for high needs students, including children with Autism. 

Corporations, schools, and government departments around the world have done studies into flexible workplaces and learning spaces and found that people are more productive and happy when they're stimulated by their environment. Classrooms around the world are moving towards beanbags and other flexible solutions instead of rigid tables and chairs.

Schools and libraries in Australia have already found that beanbags make reading more immersive and fun. Here at Bean Bags R Us, we are considered a leading authority on beanbag furniture and have published numerous articles on the benefits of beanbags and how they can be used to improve academic results in the school environment.


Comfort is extremely important when learning; after all, how can you focus on the task at hand when your body aches from uncomfortable chairs and tables. Beanbags provide an affordable and comfortable seating solution that helps children to relax and pay closer attention to the teacher. Gone are the days of strict seating placements and inflexible furniture, as educators discover the psychological and ergonomic benefits of comfort and calm within the school environment.


Above all else, school furniture should be designed to support students, both in terms of their physical structure and their learning needs. Beanbags are a fantastic ergonomic solution for schools because they provide a consistent level of support for the majority of a student's body. Instead of slouching for hours in a badly designed chair, kids can benefit from flexible, full body support that puts them at ease and prepares them to learn. Beanbags are the only seating solution that provides physical support and flexible customization at the same time.


Modern schools are increasingly concerned about versatility and flexible seating arrangements. Learning lessons from flexible workplaces in the corporate world, educators want to engage their students by creating a range of different learning spaces. Beanbags for schools are lightweight and easy to move around, making them the ideal solution for forward-thinking American schools. Maybe you want to teach your students in a circle to support better interaction. Perhaps you want to have a class outside under a beautiful tree.


Education departments in all states are looking for new ways to engage and inspire their students. While not the only solution, beanbags are a great way to add personality and color to a school environment. Our high-quality beanbags are available in a variety of trendy shapes and made with a range of happy, bright colors. Students who are inspired by their school environment are much more likely to be content and productive.

Quality materials and innovative designs

Our fantastic range of beanbags are made with quality materials and ideal for any school environment. Generally speaking, most schools choose to purchase outdoor beanbags for ease of cleaning and durability. Our great line of outdoor beanbags are available in a variety of shapes and colors, which makes them easy to mix and match with your existing school furniture. All products are built to last and made from the finest quality Oxford woven, UC coated 1680D Polyester.

The seams of our beanbags are double stitched and over-locked to ensure ultimate durability. They are also fitted with high-quality YKK safety zippers which are childproof and easy to use. The polyester that we use is designed to be water repellent, which makes them ideal to use outside and easy to spot clean when accidents happen. Unlike many other outdoor beanbags that use cheap nylon, this material is soft and comfortable while still having the ability to breathe. All of our beanbags feature carry handles that make it easy to move them around between learning and play spaces.

Choosing the Right Bean Bag for your School

We produce a range of innovative beanbag solutions, so it's important to do your research in order to get the right product for your requirements. Along with your individual needs and budget, you also need to take the local safety standards of your jurisdiction into account. For example, vinyl beanbags can't be used in Californian schools due to their link with cancer. Unlike some of our competition, all of our outdoor beanbags are safe, non-flammable, and ideal to use either indoors or outdoors.

The high-quality fabric that we use has been anti-microbial treated, which makes it almost impossible for germs, mold and mildew to survive and spread around the school environment. Our products also come with industry leading sun protection, so you can use them outside without needing to worry about wear and fading. Not only does our outdoor range have a 50+ UVPF rating, they also have a color fastness to light score of Grade 6. Regular cleaning is easy with our inner liner beanbags, with the covers easily removed before being machine washed. High-quality YKK locking zippers come standard on our entire school range.

The following guide canhelp you select the most suitable beanbag by age group.

Pre-School: Billy the Kid

Junior School: Freaky Cousin

Senior School: Big Boppa or Merlin

Here at Bean Bags R Us, we look forward to supplying our quality beanbags to schools and education departments in all states. We have 10 colors to choose from, with all products coming with a rock-solid one year warranty. 

From kindergartens and pre-schools through to high schools and colleges, our fantastic range of products will help to engage your students and inspire them to keep learning day after day, year after year. If you have any questions or would like to know more about the benefits of beanbags for schools, please contact our friendly support staff today.