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Bean Bag Chairs offer a versatile, cost effective solution to furnishing your home or office. Add colour indoors and outdoors with these cool chairs.

gaming bean bag chairs

What are the Best Gaming Bean Bag Chairs?

Think playing video games can’t lead to physical injury? Gamers are vulnerable to lower back pain because of their tendency to get lost in the digital world. This explains why…
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How to Host a Cozy Movie Night at Home

Are you tired of going out just to see a movie? Visiting your local theater for a date night can add up to $50 (or more). Let’s not forget the kids. You…
sitting area ideas

9 Sitting Area Ideas for Bean Bag Lovers

Here’s the deal: bean bag chairs are expected to be a $120 million industry by 2024. Not only that, but America tops the charts for the highest bean bag chair…
meditation room

How to Create a Zen Meditation Room

Have you been dreaming of creating your own zen meditation room? In today’s day and age, meditating has become one of the most popular means of achieving balance and self-awareness….
dorm room ideas

Bean Bag Chair for the Win: 10 Stylish, Space-Saving Dorm Room Ideas

On the list of top things to know before moving into a dorm room, figuring out what you can and can’t decorate your room with are at the top of…
best beanbag chair

Lounge in Style: How to Choose the Best Bean Bag Chair for Your Den

Are you looking for a chair that you can use while lounging in your home’s den? You’re going to find that there are tons of different options for you. From…
beach house decor

Bring the Beach Home: 8 Inspirational Beach House Decor Ideas

If your bank account hasn’t quite stacked up for you to purchase your dream beach home, that’s okay. You can still come away with the beach house decor and atmosphere…
history of the beanbag

The Complete(ly Odd) History of Beanbag Chairs

You’re looking for the perfect place to settle in for an hours-long cram session. So, what do you choose? Your trusty dusty beanbag chair, of course. But have you ever…
office beanbags

4 Great Reasons Why Your Workplace Needs Office Bean Bags

While you might not want to admit it, especially if you designed it yourself, there could be a bunch of things your employees don’t like about your office. With the…
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Man Cave Essentials: 10 Things Every Rec Room Must Have

Are you in the process of building yourself a man cave? There are absolute man cave essentials that you will 100 per cent need to put into it before you…
office beanbags

What Are the Pros and Cons of Beanbags?

Bean bags have been around since the 1970s. They are a popular casual seating option that’s cheaper and more flexible than a sofa or couch.  As with everything in life…
beanbags for offices

How Bean Bag Furniture Improves Staff Productivity

Most of us have encountered bean bag furniture at some point in our lives, but these encounters almost always occur in private, residential settings. You may see small bean bags…