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Bean Bags are a fun alternative to conventional furniture. They are cost effective, safe and also very comfortable.

cool gift ideas

Cool Gift Ideas: 9 Unique Home Decor Christmas Gifts

A flannel shirt, some car wash coupons, new headphones, and candy. That pretty much sums up a classic holiday season gift haul, doesn’t it? While those are all respectable gifts,…
unique ottomans

Bean Bags R Us Launches Poufs & Ottomans Collection

At Bean Bags R Us, we are excited to introduce our new range of premium poufs & unique ottomans. Made from the finest materials and designed to complement our beautiful…
beanbags for offices

Is This the Ultimate Workspace?

Offices have changed quite a bit over the past couple of decades. They were once stuffy, unenlightened spaces consisting of nothing but rows of white and gray cubicles, but the…

Why Are Bean Bags So Expensive?

A wide variety of bean bags are available for purchase from a wide range of manufacturers, and the prices can run from very low to shockingly expensive. However, there are…
beanbags cancer link

Do Bean Bags Cause Cancer?

Soon after bean bags burst onto the scene in the late 1960s, they appeared in homes around the world, but in the 1990s, concerns began to surface as to their…
bean bags safety

Bean Bag Starts Fire at Lingerie Tycoon Michelle Mone’s Home

A recent spate of celebrity house fires has put fire departments and brigades on alert on both sides of the Atlantic. However, what is disturbing about this news is that…
are beanbags dangerous

Are Bean Bags Dangerous?

After reports of two deaths and a massive recall, some people are beginning to question the safety of beanbags. The circumstances that led to two children losing their lives in…
worlds most expensive beanbags

Are These the World’s Most Expensive Bean Bags?

The world of auto racing may have just inadvertently spawned the most expensive bean bags in history. Bean bags are used in many sports, and auto racing is no exception….
beanbags save life

Bean Bags Used to Save a Life

Bean bags make for great furniture. They are relaxing and keep the body in its intended form while sitting and lying. In addition, when you are looking at bean bags…

Hot Air Balloons in High Stakes Bean Bag Toss

A traditional bean bags toss is a fun activity outdoors or indoors during any season of the year, but some people have been going the extra mile to spice up…
tech beanbags

Tech Giants Asked to Ditch the Bean Bags

Technology companies in the United States and the United Kingdom are being pushed to give up the fun and inspiring offices. Some companies created these in a bid to increase…
Maitai Global Utah

Bean Bags R Us Sponsor MaiTai Utah Event

For the world’s top technology executives, venture capitalists, start-up founders and skilled athletes, our comfortable bean bags are perfect for resting, sharing ideas and watching the excitement of MaiTai Global’s…