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Our outdoor bean bags are water resistant & fade resistant, perfect in the snow, ice, rain and even better on hot sunny days by the pool.

Velassaru Maldives outdoor beanbag cinema

Discover Twelve of the World’s Best Outdoor Resort Cinemas

Credit: Pinterest Guests want to be wowed when they visit any resort or hotel complex – cutting-edge entertainment is essential. Is it possible for outdoor cinemas to take resort entertainment…
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How To Host The Perfect Cookout With Bean Bags

As the weather gets warmer, many will find themselves eager to break out the grill and start planning a cookout for their friends and family. There are many ways to…
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How to Care for Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture can be beautiful, and most people are proud to display their new pieces at all times. However, outdoor bean bags, chairs, benches, tables and all other types of…
resort beanbags

Turn Your Backyard into a Resort with Outdoor Bean Bags

Spending your summer vacation at home is convenient, affordable and practical. If you own a swimming pool, you only need to exit your patio doors to enjoy the luxury of…
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What are the Best Bean Bags for Outdoor use?

This year’s weather has been bizarre. From record low temperatures in parts of the USA to record heat waves in Australia, changing weather patterns have left people around the globe…
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How To Add Color To Outdoor Areas

When the weather is nice, people often like to spend more time outside. Even if it’s just sitting in an outdoor area like the patio or even under a tree…