Designer Bean Bags

From corporate showcases and music festivals through to concerts and conferences, our world-famous range of beanbags is ideal for promoting your brand and adding personality to your event. Our fantastic designs have already been used to promote some of the biggest brands on the planet!

Customization and Personality

Modern businesses are always looking for a way to stand out in the crowd. Whether you're involved in marketing, event management or human resources, it's always important to offer a fresh and unique perspective. Our great range of indoor and outdoor beanbags have amazing branding potential and can provide something new and exciting for your clients, customers and staff.

You can easily add your product name, business logo, or company slogan to any of our beanbag range.

Our beanbags have been used to promote some of the biggest and most spectacular events in the world. From corporate product launches and council displays through to music festivals and industry conferences, our selection of beanbags can be tailored to meet your individual needs. We offer a variety of custom printing options on all of our beanbags, helping you to spread the word and promote brand loyalty while engaging customers with something of real value.

You can choose from twelve background colors on any of our polyester beanbag range, making it easier than ever before to advertise your company slogan, product name or corporate logo. Our designer beanbag solutions can be completely customized to meet the needs of your business and event, including a wide selection of colors, designs, and branding references. With our new range, you can even print full-size photographs to match the size of the beanbag.

Here at Bean Bags R US, we offer a range of indoor and outdoor beanbag products, order sizes and customization options. While there are minimum quantity requirements for some options, including full-size photographs, we'll always do our very best to accommodate your needs and exceed your expectations. Our exclusive range of printable beanbags have been used successfully over the past five years in Australia and are now available across the United States.

Benefits of Designer Promotional Beanbags

Promotional designer beanbags offer a number of distinct benefits to businesses and organizations across America. Not only do they provide unparalleled comfort and support for your customers or audience, they also offer an unlimited potential for branding. Here at Bean Bags R US, our beanbags are a fantastic way to add versatility and personality to your special event.


Whether you need to seat ten people or five hundred, beanbags provide an extremely comfortable and affordable seating solution. The importance of comfort should never be underestimated when it comes to special events, with your customers or audience much more likely to engage with your brand if they have somewhere relaxing to sit and soak in the atmosphere. Along with comfort, beanbags also provide solid physical support for tired backs and limbs.


Our indoor and outdoor beanbags are practically begging to be branded with your company name or logo. As we all know, brand recognition is extremely important for product engagement and customer loyalty. By offering your customers somewhere safe and comfortable to sit while attending your event, you are creating a direct association between your brand and the valuable experience you've just created for your audience. While anyone can print their name on a throwaway item, linking your brand to something fun and valuable is much more beneficial.


Beanbags are a highly flexible and versatile seating solution, which makes them perfect for a range of applications. Instead of setting up traditional seating plans that are both rigid and uncomfortable, why not take advantage of lightweight beanbags for the ultimate in fun and relaxation? Our polyester beanbags are ideal for both indoor or outdoor use, with their flexible and lightweight nature making it easy to pick them up and put them down repeatedly. Flexibility and ease of use are very important in event management, with your customers feeling less confined and your staff wasting less time moving and setting up furniture.


Perhaps more than anything else, beanbags are a great way to inject fun and personality into your event. Our high-quality polyester beanbags are funky and unique, helping your brand or event to be enjoyed on the day and remembered over time. While they're also perfect for many product launches and corporate events, beanbags are often used for modern entertainment events such as outdoor cinemas, concerts, and music festivals. We produce a wide range of colors and designs, so you can tailor a beanbag solution to match the overall style and intention of your event.

Creative Beanbag Options

Here at Bean Bags R US, we offer a wide selection of indoor and outdoor beanbags, including pre-filled solutions that are easy to install and ready to go. Regardless of your needs, our friendly and highly experienced corporate division can supply flat-packed or pre-filled beanbags with or without custom printing. The outdoor polyester beanbags that we provide are a very popular option, with these designs safe to use in a number of indoor and outdoor environments.

Because they feature a unique polyurethane coating that has been treated against fading and mold, they are safe, clean and highly durable. Our outdoor beanbag range is also popular with schools and childcare centers, so you can imagine how tough they are designed to be. Our fantastic outdoor range has a 50+ UVPF rating, Grade 6 color fastness to light score, and high quality YKK locking zippers for easy filling and cleaning.

Valuable Branding Solutions

If you're looking for an affordable and creative way to add value to your event, our vibrant beanbag range is ready to meet the demands of your business. Our promotional designer beanbags will engage your audience and provide an effective branding solution that is second-to-none. We implement a flexible ordering system that allows you to choose beanbags in a range of sizes and styles, with our nation-wide delivery system making it easy to pick up your beanbags at any location.